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The BCHBL partners up with Third Deck

The BCHBL has finally come to terms with baseball card manufacturer Third Deck (NYSE: TRDK) as official licensor of the only line of cards with the likenesses of all BCHBL players and team/league logos and traidemarks (yes that is spelled intentially wrong as this is a fictional league and we don't have any official trademarks. We're just 26 guys/gals having fun simulating completely fictional baseball games).

The fans of the BCHCL have been anxiously awaiting all over North America and even the world for word that the negociations would finally end with a decision so that the cards might be printed and ready by the All-Star break since the talks stalled by all deadlines to make cards available in retailer before opening day.

"We tried to get things finished up months ago, "said the BCHBL Commissioner, "but often times when lawyers get involved you never can trust things will get done on time." This sticking point was money for a long term agreement. In the end, the interest of the fans ended up forcing the sides to agree to a short term agreement that only provides excusive rights for Third Deck to the 1980 year. They are hoping to extend that agreement into 1981 and beyond, but since other manufactures are interested in getting in the game, the BCHBL lawyers did want to hand exclusive rights further than the 1980 season. What does that mean?

It means that by 1981, there could be more than one manufacturer of baseball cards officially licensed by the BCHBL.

The picture to your right is an example card created as a one off. Production of this promo card with Toronto's Alan Trammell have been limited to 1,000 and will be inserted into Jacker Crack candy boxes that are distributed randomly through out all 26 BCHBL ballparks by the middle of June. Some hobbyist dealers have already estimated the street price could average $8 to $12 each.

OOTP 11 Pre-Orders Start NOW!

For those who did not get the email, The Out Of The Park Development team have set-up the ability to pre-order OOTP 11 with is due for release approximately April of 2010 (about 2 months away).

George Brett flexes his #1 ranking

The Batter of the Month awards for April were released yesterday and it comes as no surprise that the number one overall pick in the inaugural draft and the highest ranked player in the league happened to win the first BotM award.

"I've been around baseball long enough to know you really have to work hard day in and day out to be able to put up this kind of consistency," the 26-year-old Brett told reporters. "I put in a lot of work, even on the days I may not take the field and it's always nice when everything comes together for me like it did this last month."

In 19 games, Brett hit .403 with 6 home runs, 20 RBIs and scored 13 runs.

Over in the National League, Brian Asselstine is not used to being associated with Batter of the Month-caliber players, but today the Atlanta left fielder joined that select company when the National announced the results of April's voting.

Asselstine totaled 31 hits, 4 walks, 3 home runs, 16 RBIs and 21 runs scored last month to put together a .369 batting average and .404 on-base percentage.

NO ONE can score on Steve Mura

Monday, April 28th, 1980: The San Diego Padres play in a tough division that is pitching heavy. When you got guys on your team like Nolan Ryan, who's pitching brilliantly with a 0.84 era and a 3-0 record in four starts... the other pitchers could go unnoticed. And when a guy has less than 100 innings under his Major League belt to start the season with a career 4-6 record... your chances of standing out with the Ryan Express starting every 5th game are pretty slim. 

But Steve Mura has found a way; by not giving up any runs at all in his first three starts. Twenty-Two completely scoreless innings. He's getting notice for the first time since his days play at McDuggle Sr High in New Orleans just 6 short years ago. Now this 25 year old is learning from a guy who knows a thing or two about scoreless innings. 

And his feat has caught the attention of the nation media, including Sport Illustrated. So next time you see a Padres game on the television and Ryan isn't pitching, don't turn it off just yet. You might just get to see back and watch a younger "Express" paint the corners almost as good.

MIN's Denny Walling goes 5 for 5 with 10 RBI's!!

Friday, April 18th, 1980: Denny Walling had an answer for everything the Seattle Mariners threw him today in the Minnesota 16-5 triumph at Kingdome. He made good contact 5 times and 5 times he drilled the ball for a base hit.

The Minnesota third baseman went 5 for 5 in the game to put his name in the record book. Summing up his batting philosophy to BNN writers after the game, Walling said, "I just see the ball and I hit it."

D. Walling hit an RBI single in the 1st, hit a two-run single in the 2nd, hit a two-run single in the 4th, hit a three-run home run off M. Torrez in the 5th, hit a two-run single in the 7th and walked in the 9th.

On the season, Walling is batting .342 with 3 home runs and 17 RBIs. He has played in 9 games.

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