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BCBL Historical Reply is coming in 2010

The BCBL will restart with a new league file in January of 2010 with the following teams:

The MLB players from 1980 will be put into an inagural draft. All team markets and fans will be equalized. All draft classes into the future will be pulled from each seasons real life draft. It will NOT be a Re-Cal league. That means that players will be drafted with talent based on their career stats and from there will progress via the OOTP 10 engine. SO future players (like Roger Clemens or Jose Canseco could end up having dramatically different careers.

The Inagural Draft will start at some point in January of 2010. Each manager will be given a time slot(s ) for each day and the draft will be conducted via forum style draft. New lists can be turned in each day. The first 5 rounds will be one pick per day, and the next 20 rounds will be 2 picks per day. That means the entire draft will be 15 days long. Each manager will know the exact time slot that all 25 picks will be due, so they can turn in a list a few days at a time, only one day at a time, OR make each pick "live" via the forum right before their pick is due. Any team that does not make a pick via list or live draft will be skipped and a CPU pick will be choosen AT the end of the round.

Future expansion drafts will occur the years in which they occured historically. The AL will use the DH, the NL managers will vote on it before the draft starts. Any divisional re-alignments will occur and the wild card will be introduced on in the years in which they did historically.

More news to come in the next week. Signups will begin on the forum (HERE) for those who already are a part of the BCBL. Starting December 19th... the remaining teams will then be offered to any non-current BCBL members. IF you are already signed up and have access to the forum, you can pick your team here. If not, you have to wait until December 19, 2009.

BCBL has moved to OOTP 10.4.31 !!

   This version was moved from beta to official release by Markus. For today's sim I will import everyone's exports in using the current 10.2.18 version... then I will save the league, then I will upgrade to 10.4.31, then I will run the sim and upload the results as normal. In order to see the results later tonight, you will need to update at that time.


   IF you are in other leagues that are still using 10.2.16 or 10.2.18 than I would HIGHLY recommend you download the full version of OOTP 10.4.31 and install it in a separate directory from your current install. This will allow you to run both versions. You can run as many patched versions this way, on a computer, in separate directories, all using the same license.

   You can download the updates here: http://www.ootpdevfiles.com/ootp/10.4.31/

   IF you have any questions about installing the patch or full versions... please ask in the League Questions section of the forum.

All-Star Ballots are coming!

   The first cases of 2010 All-Star Ballots have left the printers and are on their way to all 30 Billy Chapel Baseball League ballparks for the fans to begin the ballot box stuffing process.

   This years ballot in StatsLab is dramatically new and improved. Instead of hard minimums by number of at-bats or innings played at a given position... the ballot is created by way of average # of at bats, innings pitched, innings played in the field, per game played by the team the player plays on. This should allow for a true test of starting position players making the ballot and bench players will have to earn their way into a starting position next season to make the next ballot.

   Graphically, the ballot in StatsLab is improved as well, lots of stats show up, including fielding stats and even catching specific stats for the catchers. You'll have everything you need to know to make your selections. Also, as each sim progresses, the stats on the ballot update. The All-Star ballot will be unveiled on Friday evening (two days from now). Each GM will have eight [8] days to complete the ballot before the "polls close" and the all-star selections are entered into the game file.

   Also coming is the Ammy Draft players will be on your roster after the Saturday sim is posted on Saturday morning.

Should we turn OFF owner budgets in the league file (the Salary Cap would still remain)?

Yes, do it NOW!
15% (3 votes)
Yes, but wait until after the WS.
35% (7 votes)
No, everything is fine the way it is.
50% (10 votes)
Total votes: 20

Seattle's young outfielder caught streaking!

   After an impressive rookie season, the Mariners phenom centerfielder, Julio Borbon is  looking to turn it up a notch. In fact, how about a 25 game hitting streak?! It's the longest streak of the early 2010 season, but it's active and he bats lead-off some of the best protection behind him in any lineup.

   In 2009, Borbon broke through after a blockbuster deal that sent him packing from Arizona to playing in the green confines of Safeco Field. Julio was inserting into the opening day roster, playing CF right from the start. He excelled, capping his rookie season with a .291 batting average and crossing the plate 80 times for a tough luck M's team could not keep pace with the Angels.

   As things are looking up for the Mariners, Borbon is doing his share, adding to his success from last season. His sophomore effort is improved and now he's catching notice of the rest of the league and the media with a hit streak of 25 games and counting. And less than half the games in the streak are of the "1 for-" variety. He's had 13 multi-hit games during the streak.

   It's no secret that Julio is not a walks guy. He goes up to the plate swinging and does not make a habit of going deep into the count, but with Matt Kemp, Alan Dykstra, and Kevin Youkilis batting 2, 3, 4 behind him, he doesn't have to be patient and few pitchers will take the chance of walking him anyway.

   Expect more good to come of this young, hard worker. It's obvious he has the desire to continue to improve.

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