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All-Stars enter Free Agent Market


David Ortiz

 Carlos Lee
Carlos Pena
Kazuo Matsui Todd Helton

With the vote ending at 11-9 in favor of no "mini" draft... and opening the FA market to everyone, you may all make offers to everyone in the Free Agent market starting immediately. Send in your exports via FTP.


The first sim date is tomorrow (Monday, April 27th) at 3 PM Pacific/6 PM Eastern. We will be simming to January 26th in game.

The march to Opening Day 2009 begins NOW!

Dawn of Spring Training 2009

Opening Day 2009 is right around the corner. Here is a schedule of how we will get there:

  1. Friday (April 24) 3 PM Pacific/6 PM Eastern - Deadline for each team to post in this thread one or two players that you want released with no finacial obligation.
  2. Sunday (April 26) 3 PM Pacific/6PM Eastern - Deadline for teams that qualitfy for the "talent draft" to email in a list of players in the FA pool they want signed for a 1 year contract @ $3 million (see below).
  3. Monday (April 27) Trading is open and ALL FA Pool is now open for off-season offers.
  4. Monday (April 27) 3 PM Pacific/6 PM Eastern - Sim to Jan 26th (in file date).
  5. Wednesday (April 29) 3 PM Pacific/6 PM Eastern - Sim to Feb 16th 9th (in file date).
  6. Friday (May 1)  5 PM Pacific/ 8 PM Eastern - Sim to Feb 28th (in file date).
  7. Sunday (May 3)  7 AM Pacific/ 11  10 AM Eastern - Spring Training Sim 1 - Sim to March 16th March 18th (in file date).
  8. Monday (May 4)  5 PM Pacific/ 8 PM Eastern - Spring Training Sim 2 - Sim to March 31th April 5th (in file date).
  9. Thursday (May 7)  5 PM Pacific/ 8 PM Eastern - OPENING DAY - BCBL Sim 1 - Sim to April 13th (in file date).


The "talent draft" is a draft for the CURRENT (as of right now) teams with the lowest 10 payrolls to pick up some talent. It is a 2 round draft (via email lists) with a draft order of:

  1. Chicago (N)
  2. Cincinnati
  3. San Francisco
  4. Toronto
  5. Chicago (A)
  6. Houston
  7. Tampa Bay
  8. Seattle
  9. Cleveland
  10. Baltimore


Each players signed in the "talent draft" will be given a major league contract of 1 year @ $3 million. Although this draft is not intended to draft minor league level talent, any player in the FA pool (including those recently released) will be available, just know that they are ALL getting the one year contract as stated.


NO FA Offers for any player in the FA pool will be allowed until this draft has taken place!! Any player that accepts an offer via FA offer before the "talent draft" will be released back into the pool. The "talent draft" is a one time thing that will not happen next season... the objective is to help the lowest payroll teams move closer to median payroll and hopefully bring league parity a little closer. Any of the teams that qualify for the draft may elect to not sign any players OR may only sign a player in round one, but not in round two. It's entirely up to each manager. But all lists for the draft MUST be emailed here before the deadline (Sunday, April 26 at 3 PM Pacific/6PM Eastern).


We will have a league schedule page setup shortly that will map out each sim through the regular season's entirety. I will try to get that posted in the next day or two.


Any question on ANYTHING in this article please post them in the League Questions section of the forum.


Let's get moving to opening day, so we can start simming some games!

Should the BCBL expand the AL West with two teams from Japan following our 3rd season?

15% (4 votes)
38% (10 votes)
I need more information.
46% (12 votes)
Total votes: 26

Welcome back, Angel!!

The rebirth of the CDBL, iMLB, and BCBL in a unified fashion after years of OOTP growth is bringing some old faces and new faces together in a league that represents a 5 star prospect of OOTP leagues. This league is destined for OOTP greatness as long as we can stay away from the CEI.


With that, I hope that none of the new guys mind that I point out the "return" of Angel. He was an extremely active GM in all three leagues as well as the UBN and NABF ... and those are only the five I ever remember being in with him. I know he was active over the years in a few others. He often stepped up and took a leadership role when others wouldn't or couldn't. At one point he held the BCBL together during a draft that lasted WAY too long and team managers were growing tired of waiting for it to be over. He has recruitment skills that can often fill one or more vacant teams in half the time that anyone else can. I consider him a friend I might even loan money too, though he and I have never met face to face. I hope he's blushing, reading this piece, "Ah, shucks, guys."


We've got a number of guys interested over last night that I need to follow up with this morning. If all goes well, that puts us at about a dozen or so teams left to fill. For the past nearly two months it has been just six of us slowy piecing together the rules and website we wanted (for the most part) until we opened up for recruitment on Sunday/Monday of this week.


I am happy with all of the team managers we have gathered thus far. If any of you have good GMs in other leagues or that you have played with in the past, send them an invite. The more team managers we know were solid and active OOTPers in the past, the better this league will be for it.

Constitution - Final Rough Draft

The BCBL League Constitution has been posted and is available for further discussion on this forum thread. In the next two to three days we should wrap up discussions on it, make any further changes and move to the recruitment portion of getting the league moving. I have disabled comment on this story as I would like it to be discussed in the above forum link.

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