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New York (A) Yankees
2nd place       92-70 (.568)       M# -       Last 10: 7-3       R: 761       RA: 637       Payroll: $12,708,417
Team Leaders AVG
G. Brett.344
P. O'Brien.283
J. Charboneau.276
J. Mumphrey.273
G. Richards.262
Team Leaders HR
G. Brett40
J. Charboneau28
P. O'Brien24
J. Essian6
J. Mumphrey6
Team Leaders RBI
G. Brett127
J. Charboneau113
P. O'Brien106
J. Mumphrey57
J. Essian54
Team Leaders W
M. Haas19
R. May17
R. Langford16
L. Sorensen14
G. Lavelle7
Team Leaders ERA
R. May3.17
L. Sorensen3.21
R. Langford3.47
M. Haas4.03
V. Ruhle4.32
Team Leaders K
M. Haas140
R. May118
R. Langford70
R. Wright63
G. Lavelle53
Who's Hot?
PGary Lavelle4-0, 0.00Last 15 games
PJeff Little9 SV, 0.42Last 20 games
LFKiyoyuki Nagashima.500, 0 HRLast 13 games
Who's Not?
2BJohn Castino.077, 0 HRLast 13 games
SSJerry Royster.111, 0 HRLast 7 games
Pitching Staff
StarterRVern Ruhle282251014.321.36Rested
StarterLRudy May3636171303.171.27Rested
StarterLMike Flanagan2052314.531.23Rested
StarterRMoose Haas3535191204.031.29Rested
Spot StarterRRick Langford3330161103.471.26Rested
MopupRSandy Wihtol3905343.481.43Rested
MopupRLary Sorensen3434141203.211.11Rested
Middle RelieverLEd Olwine000000.000.00Rested
Middle RelieverLDave Rajsich1202005.271.54Rested
Middle RelieverRVern Ruhle282251014.321.36Rested
Setup RelieverLRicky Wright64044363.001.38Rested
Setup RelieverLGary Lavelle5907132.501.13Rested
CloserLJeff Little1701182.200.98Rested
18RJim EssianC14346897654504546.207.273.286
38RGlenn BorgmannC36651901291015.292.377.400
32LPete O'Brien1B15861517424106946162.283.348.465
2RJohn Castino2B13237788548443046.233.286.334
7RRick BurlesonSS120358104340443843.291.357.380
1RJerry RoysterSS13034670233442451.202.251.263
5LGeorge Brett3B147582200401271126126.344.400.600
17LGene RichardsRF153615161248836099.262.327.345
28SJerry MumphreyCF155607166657896080.273.337.366
34RJoe CharboneauDH16260916828113926280.276.345.440
4LKiyoyuki NagashimaLF7317848323211930.270.353.371
29SDave CollinsLF138503109340646072.217.299.294
Lineup vs RHP+DH
1LGene RichardsRF.26224861
2SJerry MumphreyCF.27365744
3LGeorge Brett3B.3444012732
4LPete O'Brien1B.283241062
5RJoe CharboneauDH.276281130
6RRick BurlesonSS.2913401
7RJim EssianC.2076540
8RJerry Royster2B.20223313
9SDave CollinsLF.21734060
Lineup vs LHP+DH
1LGene RichardsRF.26224861
2RRick BurlesonSS.2913401
3LGeorge Brett3B.3444012732
4RJoe CharboneauDH.276281130
5LPete O'Brien1B.283241062
6RJohn Castino2B.2335484
7SJerry MumphreyCF.27365744
8RJim EssianC.2076540
9SDave CollinsLF.21734060
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Financial ReportMinor League System
Toronto Blue Jays9666.593-
New York (A) Yankees9270.5684.0
Milwaukee Brewers8577.52511.0
Baltimore Orioles8181.50015.0
Cleveland Indians7488.45722.0
Boston Red Sox6894.42028.0
Detroit Tigers54108.33342.0
Team Information
Record overall92-70, .568 PCT
Position in Division2nd, 4.0 GB
Record at home46-35, .568 PCT
Record on the road46-35, .568 PCT
Record in X-inning games7-5, .583 PCT
Record in one-run games30-24, .556 PCT
Record versus LHP33-23, .589 PCT
Record versus RHP59-47, .557 PCT
Record last 10 games7-3, .700 PCT
Record in April13-9, .591 PCT
Record in May12-16, .429 PCT
Record in June15-12, .556 PCT
Record in July20-7, .741 PCT
Record in August15-13, .536 PCT
Record in September15-12, .556 PCT
Record in October2-1, .667 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.263 - 6th in AL
On-Base Percentage.328 - 5th in AL
Slugging Percentage.384 - 6th in AL
On-Base + Slugging.712 - 6th in AL
Runs Scored761 - 5th in AL
Hits1461 - tied for 8th in AL
Extra-Base Hits381 - 11th in AL
Home Runs122 - tied for 7th in AL
Bases-On-Balls551 - 8th in AL
Strikeouts691 - 3rd in AL
Stolen Bases225 - 1st in AL
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average3.56 - 3rd in AL
Starters' ERA3.67 - 3rd in AL
Bullpen ERA2.90 - 2nd in AL
Runs allowed637 - 3rd in AL
Hits allowed1400 - 4th in AL
Opponents AVG.253 - 4th in AL
BABIP.265 - 2nd in AL
Home Runs allowed133 - 12th in AL
Bases-On-Balls418 - 2nd in AL
Strikeouts610 - 14th in AL
Minor League System
Scranton Yankees (AAA)
71-69, .507, 1.0 GB
Trenton Thunder (AA)
76-64, .543, 1.0 GB
Tampa Yankees (A)
82-58, .586, - GB
Hudson Valley Renegades (R)
34-28, .548, 6.0 GB

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