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Cincinnati Reds
2nd place       89-73 (.549)       M# -       Last 10: 5-5       R: 651       RA: 588       Payroll: $19,306,416
Team Leaders AVG
K. Griffey.302
C. Fisk.274
D. Evans.262
T. Bernazard.259
L. Moseby.254
Team Leaders HR
L. Moseby19
D. Evans17
C. Fisk16
K. Griffey13
T. Bernazard7
Team Leaders RBI
C. Fisk88
D. Evans79
L. Moseby77
K. Griffey65
T. Bernazard53
Team Leaders W
N. Ryan22
S. Carlton18
J. Palmer12
D. Stieb12
2 tied with6
Team Leaders ERA
S. Carlton2.76
N. Ryan3.03
D. Stieb3.30
J. Palmer3.77
Team Leaders K
N. Ryan259
S. Carlton237
D. Stieb171
J. Palmer140
R. Gossage74
Who's Hot?
PRich Gossage27 SV, 0.96Last 42 games
PDan Quisenberry2 SV, 0.57Last 16 games
Who's Not?
Pitching Staff
StarterLSteve Carlton3939181102.761.14Rested
StarterRNolan Ryan383822803.031.34Slightly Tired
StarterRDave Stieb3939121703.301.24Tired
StarterRJim Palmer3333121603.771.40Exhausted
Spot StarterRSteve McCatty15136603.841.39Rested
MopupLRandy Lerch900101.721.15Rested
MopupRSteve McCatty15136603.841.39Rested
Middle RelieverLEd Glynn2403123.081.48Rested
Middle RelieverRRoy Lee Jackson5306323.731.19Rested
Middle RelieverLDave Tomlin3002102.481.16Rested
Setup RelieverRDan Quisenberry6804342.701.37Rested
CloserRRich Gossage73046501.841.05Rested
28RCarlton FiskC1385431491688592498.274.320.416
25RRick DempseyC501031411191027.136.211.184
10LChris Chambliss1B153468109452383368.233.285.299
1SBump Wills2B9217247119251630.273.340.349
33RDickie ThonSS157566133150603786.235.281.320
44RCliff Johnson1B7310430415151420.288.370.452
6LTim Flannery3B8127179025311617.292.333.354
30LKen GriffeyRF1566321911365906695.302.366.438
69RJesse BarfieldRF38751217141329.160.292.253
24RDwight EvansLF15654514317797057102.262.332.428
15LLloyd MosebyCF15555814219776657108.254.333.425
23RTom BrunanskyRF287310394315.137.188.301
35RGary WardLF10512031313201323.258.331.392
Lineup vs RHP
1LKen GriffeyRF.302136538
2LTim Flannery3B.2920252
3RCarlton FiskC.27416883
4RDwight EvansLF.26217795
5LLloyd MosebyCF.254197712
6LChris Chambliss1B.2334524
7SBump Wills2B.27311912
8RDickie ThonSS.2351508
Lineup vs LHP
1LKen GriffeyLF.302136538
2SBump Wills2B.27311912
3RJesse BarfieldRF.160172
4RCarlton FiskC.27416883
5RTom Brunansky1B.137392
6LLloyd MosebyCF.254197712
7LTim Flannery3B.2920252
8RDickie ThonSS.2351508
PlayerInjuryOut for...Disabled List Status
2B Tony Bernazardrotator cuff strain2 weeksOn DL, eligible for return
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Positional StrengthPlayer Salaries
Financial ReportMinor League System
Houston Astros9468.580-
Cincinnati Reds8973.5495.0
Los Angeles Dodgers8676.5318.0
Atlanta Braves8181.50013.0
San Diego Padres7983.48815.0
San Francisco Giants7092.43224.0
Team Information
Record overall89-73, .549 PCT
Position in Division2nd, 5.0 GB
Record at home52-29, .642 PCT
Record on the road37-44, .457 PCT
Record in X-inning games8-7, .533 PCT
Record in one-run games31-22, .585 PCT
Record versus LHP26-22, .542 PCT
Record versus RHP63-51, .553 PCT
Record last 10 games5-5, .500 PCT
Record in April11-9, .550 PCT
Record in May15-15, .500 PCT
Record in June18-9, .667 PCT
Record in July12-13, .480 PCT
Record in August19-9, .679 PCT
Record in September13-15, .464 PCT
Record in October1-3, .250 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.254 - 3rd in NL
On-Base Percentage.318 - 4th in NL
Slugging Percentage.370 - 3rd in NL
On-Base + Slugging.689 - 3rd in NL
Runs Scored651 - 5th in NL
Hits1406 - 2nd in NL
Extra-Base Hits404 - 1st in NL
Home Runs98 - tied for 4th in NL
Bases-On-Balls490 - 8th in NL
Strikeouts978 - 10th in NL
Stolen Bases138 - 4th in NL
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average3.12 - 5th in NL
Starters' ERA3.24 - 5th in NL
Bullpen ERA2.55 - 2nd in NL
Runs allowed588 - 5th in NL
Hits allowed1310 - 3rd in NL
Opponents AVG.240 - 3rd in NL
BABIP.284 - 6th in NL
Home Runs allowed88 - 5th in NL
Bases-On-Balls553 - 10th in NL
Strikeouts1063 - 2nd in NL
Minor League System
Louisville Bats (AAA)
58-82, .414, 40.0 GB
Carolina Mudcats (AA)
59-81, .421, 15.0 GB
Lynchburg Hillcats (A)
71-69, .507, 11.0 GB
Billings Mustangs (R)
29-33, .468, 5.0 GB

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