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Detroit Tigers
7th place       54-108 (.333)       M# -       Last 10: 1-9       R: 621       RA: 832       Payroll: $4,879,039
Team Leaders AVG
S. Nicosia.264
C. Speier.261
M. Wilson.258
R. Law.254
M. Wagner.233
Team Leaders HR
M. Wilson11
S. Nicosia8
D. Norman8
C. Stimac8
C. Walker7
Team Leaders RBI
M. Wilson63
S. Nicosia54
D. Norman54
M. Wagner53
C. Walker45
Team Leaders W
J. Morris11
M. Caldwell8
R. Dotson8
T. Lollar7
D. Cone5
Team Leaders ERA
M. Caldwell3.61
J. Morris4.23
R. Dotson4.51
T. Lollar4.94
Team Leaders K
J. Morris151
D. Cone107
T. Lollar103
R. Dotson89
2 tied with49
Who's Hot?
Who's Not?
PSid Monge1 SV, 9.19Last 13 games
PAlan Fowlkes1 SV, 8.04Last 13 games
3BMike Macha.050, 0 HRLast 9 games
Pitching Staff
StarterRJack Morris4242112204.231.41Rested
StarterRDavid Cone191951106.181.79Rested
StarterRCraig Chamberlain771102.681.22Rested
StarterLTim Lollar292971804.941.56Rested
Middle RelieverLMike Caldwell382581003.611.28Rested
Middle RelieverRDave Heaverlo3600214.531.63Rested
Middle RelieverRAlan Fowlkes3600316.851.68Rested
Middle RelieverLJoe Hesketh1800104.711.74Rested
Setup RelieverLSid Monge3902615.701.58Rested
Setup RelieverLMark Davis4103112.871.09Rested
CloserRMark Clear49028192.311.51Rested
16RSteve NicosiaC132466123854583368.264.320.397
7RCraig StimacC9326657837252138.214.274.338
4RChris SpeierSS144483126034403877.261.312.325
11RMike Macha3B52116211910436.181.203.250
52LKen Phelps1B1414378463948109104.192.353.272
3SChico Walker2B112430105745484878.244.319.333
13RTy Waller3B6524458421261448.238.280.332
5RMark Wagner2B134481112453483574.233.288.297
12SJulio ValdezSS9424663532331533.256.293.402
6LRudy LawCF117485123244453258.254.303.309
1SMookie WilsonCF1405661461163733984.258.304.396
9LJohn ElwayCF4615837119171123.234.283.323
22LBrett ButlerLF104390109044456541.279.373.341
Lineup vs RHP+DH
1LRudy LawCF.25424446
2SMookie WilsonRF.258116333
3LBrett ButlerLF.27904444
4LKen Phelps1B.1926391
5SChico Walker3B.2447459
6RSteve NicosiaC.2648542
7RMark Wagner2B.2334534
8RTy WallerDH.2384213
9RChris SpeierSS.2610343
Lineup vs LHP+DH
1LRudy LawCF.25424446
2SMookie WilsonRF.258116333
3LBrett ButlerLF.27904444
4SChico Walker3B.2447459
6RSteve NicosiaC.2648542
7RMark Wagner2B.2334534
9RChris SpeierSS.2610343
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Financial ReportMinor League System
Toronto Blue Jays9666.593-
New York (A) Yankees9270.5684.0
Milwaukee Brewers8577.52511.0
Baltimore Orioles8181.50015.0
Cleveland Indians7488.45722.0
Boston Red Sox6894.42028.0
Detroit Tigers54108.33342.0
Team Information
Record overall54-108, .333 PCT
Position in Division7th, 42.0 GB
Record at home31-50, .383 PCT
Record on the road23-58, .284 PCT
Record in X-inning games6-15, .286 PCT
Record in one-run games16-33, .327 PCT
Record versus LHP21-35, .375 PCT
Record versus RHP33-73, .311 PCT
Record last 10 games1-9, .100 PCT
Record in April5-13, .278 PCT
Record in May13-15, .464 PCT
Record in June9-20, .310 PCT
Record in July5-21, .192 PCT
Record in August10-19, .345 PCT
Record in September12-17, .414 PCT
Record in October0-3, .000 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.242 - 14th in AL
On-Base Percentage.308 - 14th in AL
Slugging Percentage.338 - 14th in AL
On-Base + Slugging.647 - 14th in AL
Runs Scored621 - 14th in AL
Hits1360 - 14th in AL
Extra-Base Hits345 - 14th in AL
Home Runs72 - 14th in AL
Bases-On-Balls536 - 9th in AL
Strikeouts926 - 13th in AL
Stolen Bases175 - 3rd in AL
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average4.38 - 12th in AL
Starters' ERA4.31 - 11th in AL
Bullpen ERA4.58 - 13th in AL
Runs allowed832 - 12th in AL
Hits allowed1505 - 10th in AL
Opponents AVG.265 - 10th in AL
BABIP.282 - 6th in AL
Home Runs allowed172 - 14th in AL
Bases-On-Balls620 - 11th in AL
Strikeouts766 - 10th in AL
Minor League System
Toledo Mud Hens (AAA)
71-69, .507, 27.0 GB
Erie Sea Wolves (AA)
81-59, .579, - GB
Lakeland Flying Tigers (A)
77-63, .550, 5.0 GB
Oneonta Tigers (R)
25-37, .403, 9.0 GB

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