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Milwaukee Brewers
3rd place       85-77 (.525)       M# -       Last 10: 8-2       R: 726       RA: 714       Payroll: $13,130,042
Team Leaders AVG
V. Hayes.292
L. Smith.284
R. Yount.268
J. Bench.265
A. Hall.205
Team Leaders HR
J. Bench30
D. Baker21
V. Hayes17
R. Yount15
T. Perez9
Team Leaders RBI
J. Bench86
D. Baker81
R. Yount80
V. Hayes78
L. Smith58
Team Leaders W
P. Vuckovich21
V. Blue14
B. Sutter12
J. Eichelberger11
S. Stone11
Team Leaders ERA
P. Vuckovich2.39
V. Blue3.35
T. Underwood3.83
S. Stone4.30
J. Eichelberger5.24
Team Leaders K
P. Vuckovich145
V. Blue138
S. Stone118
T. Underwood94
J. Eichelberger91
Who's Hot?
CJohnny Bench.458, 3 HRLast 6 games
PBruce Sutter12 SV, 0.71Last 22 games
1BVon Hayes.500, 3 HRLast 6 games
Who's Not?
CBill Nahorodny.094, 0 HRLast 7 games
Pitching Staff
StarterRPete Vuckovich333321602.391.13Rested
StarterLVida Blue3232141103.351.47Rested
StarterRSteve Stone3232111304.301.48Rested
StarterLTom Underwood323271303.831.40Rested
StarterRJuan Eichelberger3333111205.241.57Rested
MopupRBob Babcock1000007.502.06Rested
Middle RelieverRRich Gale3302203.681.72Rested
Middle RelieverLTippy Martinez4802664.501.29Rested
Middle RelieverRDon Kainer3100113.801.52Rested
Setup RelieverLGuy Hoffman4701313.251.31Rested
Setup RelieverRGeorge Stablein4304414.741.60Rested
CloserRBruce Sutter700126381.381.14Rested
5RJohnny BenchC1385171373086704894.265.332.468
15RBill NahorodnyC28102161118516.157.194.225
19RRobin YountSS1566231671580765296.268.322.449
8LVon Hayes1B1535681661778856774.292.368.456
16SRon Oester2B108398117039492258.294.335.382
94RMarty Barrett2B6019755123211734.279.333.365
17RTom Brookens2B138453108751472376.238.278.338
6RTony Perez3B11235782941471376.230.261.373
18RLarry Parrish3B11734084838472479.247.304.356
27RLonnie SmithLF1536191767589077114.284.369.389
29RBenny AyalaLF37117302129821.256.308.342
9LRick LeachRF11226865132252240.243.297.306
56SAlbert HallCF14547397644676771.205.304.302
Lineup vs RHP+DH
1RLonnie SmithLF.28475870
2RRobin YountSS.268158024
3SRon Oester2B.29403911
4LVon Hayes1B.292177824
5RJohnny BenchC.26530864
6RMarty BarrettDH.2791231
7RTony Perez3B.2309410
8SAlbert HallCF.20564426
9LRick LeachRF.2431324
Lineup vs LHP+DH
1RLonnie SmithCF.28475870
2SRon Oester2B.29403911
3RRobin YountSS.268158024
4RBenny AyalaLF.2562120
5RLarry Parrish3B.2478382
6RTom BrookensDH.23875118
7RTony Perez1B.2309410
8RJohnny BenchC.26530864
9LRick LeachRF.2431324
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Financial ReportMinor League System
Toronto Blue Jays9666.593-
New York (A) Yankees9270.5684.0
Milwaukee Brewers8577.52511.0
Baltimore Orioles8181.50015.0
Cleveland Indians7488.45722.0
Boston Red Sox6894.42028.0
Detroit Tigers54108.33342.0
Team Information
Record overall85-77, .525 PCT
Position in Division3rd, 11.0 GB
Record at home43-38, .531 PCT
Record on the road42-39, .519 PCT
Record in X-inning games16-11, .593 PCT
Record in one-run games32-21, .604 PCT
Record versus LHP35-23, .603 PCT
Record versus RHP50-54, .481 PCT
Record last 10 games8-2, .800 PCT
Record in April11-6, .647 PCT
Record in May11-18, .379 PCT
Record in June15-12, .556 PCT
Record in July10-17, .370 PCT
Record in August16-13, .552 PCT
Record in September18-11, .621 PCT
Record in October4-0, 1.000 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.258 - 9th in AL
On-Base Percentage.319 - 12th in AL
Slugging Percentage.390 - 5th in AL
On-Base + Slugging.709 - 7th in AL
Runs Scored726 - 8th in AL
Hits1461 - tied for 8th in AL
Extra-Base Hits433 - 5th in AL
Home Runs127 - 6th in AL
Bases-On-Balls486 - 13th in AL
Strikeouts937 - 14th in AL
Stolen Bases195 - 2nd in AL
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average3.71 - 4th in AL
Starters' ERA3.74 - 4th in AL
Bullpen ERA3.62 - 9th in AL
Runs allowed714 - 9th in AL
Hits allowed1463 - 9th in AL
Opponents AVG.256 - 6th in AL
BABIP.285 - 9th in AL
Home Runs allowed101 - tied for 3rd in AL
Bases-On-Balls624 - 12th in AL
Strikeouts831 - 5th in AL
Minor League System
Nashville Sounds (AAA)
54-86, .386, 24.0 GB
Huntsville Stars (AA)
61-79, .436, 13.0 GB
Brevard County Manatees (A)
70-70, .500, 10.0 GB
Missoula Osprey (R)
32-30, .516, 8.0 GB

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