BCBL League Constitution

The BCBL was designed for fun and excitement. The owners are expected to be involved in the development and success of the league and will be expected to act in the best interest of the league at all times. Involvement with your team exports, the league forum, league votes, and timely participation in league draft and other matters will reflect directly to the success of the league.

OOTP Version:

Currently we are using version 10.4.36 of OOTP. It is required that all GMs (human players) have a working version of the OOTP we are using. Team Exports MUST be done using the software, the simmer will NOT manually import setting for the managers.

** Added 26-Oct-2009 **

After the mess that was OOTP patch 10.4.29... it is now official BCBL policy that we will not change versions during the regular season OR the playoffs. Any patches will be instituted in the BCBL during the off-season ONLY.


Historical Database:

Our league imports players into the Ammy Draft pool using Gambo's 10.3 database. For any GM that wants to play with the database, you can download it here. For the initial inaugural draft DB of players we used the OOTP 10.4.36 default DB that ships with it. For the 1980 ammy draft we used Gambo's 10.3 DB, modified to include players debuting in 1979 to 1981 that were NOT already in our file... and from 1981 ammy draft moving forward we will use the players in Gambo's 10.3 DB that are set to debut the following year.


IF the link above goes bad, let me know. I also have the database saved and archived and can make it temporarily available on the billychapel.com server if need be. IF you want to play with the database... I would highly suggest you do it on a new league and make backups, especially if you've never messed with DB or historical league creation before.


Team Managers:

The Team Manager (commonly referred to as GM's or General Managers) are the back bone of the league. They are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the League. This includes the League Forum, votes, managing their team, trades and good-natured banter. As a GM, if responsibilities in life require you to forfeit your team, we will all understand. Life happens and online baseball leagues are low on the priority status of God, Family, and School/Career. It's always best if you let us know before we notice your lack of participation. If there is a temporary time period (extended vacation, planned hospitalization, etc) that will keep you away from this league for more than a week, let us know via the "Missing In Action" section of the league forum. Even 3 day weekend trips are nice for everyone to know. Any period longer than 10 days will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The higher your participation before hand, the more likely you won't be replaced. Every league is better off with 30 original managers after 10 seasons, but since we live in the real world, activity takes precedence.

League Offices:

The League shall consist of the following offices: The Commissioner, the Co-Commissioner, the League Presidents (AL and NL), and the Public Relations Manager. The five members together make up the Board of Governors (BoG). Depending on who currently fills BoG positions, roles of simmer, league promoter, news and web developer can fall on any of the five members.

League Forum:

The League Forum is the voice of the BCBL. Managers are encouraged to participate in the Forum. Here is where all trading blocks can be posted, all completed trades are posted for process and various other announcements are made. The "Team Press Releases" section of the forum is meant to be written semi-fictionally. Use your imagination and create news pieces about your team as if it were an actual MLB press release. The Headline/Title of your piece will also appear on the frontpage of the BCBL website automatically, for all to see, and will link directly to the forum for any and all to discuss. Also, League Announcements from your BoG members will be made in the section of the same title. There are various sections in the forum, please remember to respect everyone. Try to keep the trash talking to the "Trash Talk" section of the forum; and even in there, no personal attacks are tolerated. Keep it civil. On the flip side, make sure your skin in not to thin. If you sign a career .240 hitter who doesn't have a shot at more than 10 HR a season for $14 million a season... you better expect some trash talk and questions of your signing.

The Basics:

A more detailed list of all of the settings in the league file can be found at the bottom of this page. The simplified basics are that during the regular season and playoffs each major league level team has a 25-man roster. That means no more than 25, but it means no less either. If you run more than a sim with 24 or fewer players, prepare to be questioned. From September 1st until the end of the regular season there is a 40 man expanded roster. During the regular season every team must use a 4, 5, or 6 man pitching rotation (5 is considered standard and it encouraged). In the playoffs you are expected to use a 3, 4, 5, or 6 man pitching rotation (4 is considered standard and it encouraged). Team must play their players in the field positions they qualify at (have a rating for). Exceptions must be realistic. Most anyone can play 1B (although, not necessarily well). Most OF can play other OF positions, but we strongly discourage playing anyone in CF without a CF rating. Keep it real; if you play a 1B at the SS position, or a RF at the C potition, you will be warned. If you want to train players at positions they do not currently hold a rating for, keep it in the minor leagues OR in spring training.

The Historical Progression:

We are starting this league file in 1980 (January 1) and all players that played in the majors (MLB) have been imported using the default database that comes with OOTP X 10.4.31.  That is only roughly 900 players and means that the initial minor leagues will be slim at best. SO we'll more than likely fill the AAA and AA afiliates for each team with fictional players. Sorry. There is no easy way to import 1980 historical minor league players easily without a LOT of work to get them right AND to not duplicate the guys that spent time in both the majors and the minors in 1980.


The inaugural draft order has been detirmined semi-randomly. It was pretty random, but some minor preforence to 2009 teams with better ability to score runs or get hits helped. We'll accept it as it is. Starting right away in 1980 (and each season after) their will be a June (amatuer) draft. The database (from what has been researched) will consist of all players that made their real life MLB debut the following year. So the the 1980 June draft... all players that debuted in the MLB in 1981 should be in the draft.


Other historical occurances may take place when they occured in RL. For example, league expansion, re-alignment, and the introduction of the wild card in 1995. We're going to play it by ear. We will always try to give a FULL 1 year notice (in game years) of major historical changes.


ALSO of note is finacial inflation. Currently the players are demanding 1980 type contracts. Players that make 8 figures are entirely unheard of. In fact, it is doubtful we'll see the first $50,000,000 payroll for at least 2-3 seasons. Demands will start to rise as the seasons progress.

The Sim Schedule:

The BCBL will sim three times a week: Monday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. The sims be one week in length; Monday to Sunday. The playoffs will go fast. The League Championship Series will be simmed on three consecutive days Games 1 and 2, then 3, 4, and 5, and then games 6 and 7 (if needed). The World Series will be simmed on three consecutive days Games 1 and 2, then 3, 4, and 5, and then games 6 and 7 (if needed). The schedule for the off-season will be posted prior to the end of the World Series and will consist of every sim thru opening day. We will make every effort to not allow BoG members who are currently in the playoff running the current sim. Obviously this will depend on who has the ability (knowledge and experience) to run a sim and upload the results.

Player Trading:

Every team GM will find that trading is an important part of OOTP/simulation baseball. Some GMs trade a lot, some not so much, but rules for trading are important for transactions to go thru smoothly.

Trades are allowed starting the first day AFTER players file for free agency (just before the winter meetings) until the July 31st trading deadline.

Trades in the BCBL can only be players for players OR players for players & cash. ALSO, the OOTP 10 engine does not allow for more than a 5 for 1 deal. That means 10 for 2. If you plan on trading as many as ten players in a deal, make sure the other team has two. Swapping players multiple times and ghost players is no fun on the simmer, and can result in a corrupt file. If you want to "sell" a player, please include a one star, talentless, hole filler for the team trading the cash. The BCBL does NOT allow the trading of draft picks. Recent Amateur Draft players can not be traded until they have seen their first "Christmas" since being drafted. No trades are allowed with ownerless or BoG controlled teams that are temporarily between GMs.


The procedure for trading to the find another GM to trade with and work out a deal. Some manager prefer email, others prefer using the "private message" feature of this website, and still others prefer using AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). GMs tend to be more receptive when you use the communication preference they like. IF someone offers you a trade, don't ignore them. Respond as quickly as possible, even if you are simply communicated that you do not want to trade at this time. Respect each other, and give each other the benefit of a quick reply.


Once both GMs have agreed on a deal, one GM should post the deal in the "Completed Trades" section of the forum. The subject line WILL consist of the Team City of the teams involved: Seattle - Atlanta. Do not use team nicknames (it makes it harder on the simmer, and the simmer may reject any trade that does not follow protocol). List all players involved and be sure to note first and last name of each player, the primary position they are listed in the most current league file as well as the roster level in the most current league file. For Example:


Seattle trades:

C George Washington ML

SP John Kennedy AA

to Atlanta for:

2B Han Solo (ML)

LF James Kirk (ML)


If you do not follow the above example because Han Solo was demoted to AAA 2 sims ago, do not be surprised if your trade is delayed a sim. It's your responsibility to make trade processing easy on the simmer.


After one GM created the thread with the first post, the other GM should promptly reply to the post with a confirmation of the deal. Once the deal has been processed in the league file during a sim, the simmer will note that the trade was processed and the thread will be closed. All non-involved GMs should refrain from comment. Start a new thread in the Trash Talk section if you want to debate the deal.


IF any GM would like to contest a trade, please do so in the League Questions section of the forum. The simmer will process the trade as usual unless we are at the trading deadline. Other managers that have an opinion in the matter should chime in, the more voices the BoG has to consider, the better. The BoG members will look into it and render a decision quickly. Trade reversals should be a very rare occurrence. They will only be used if a trade is heavily favored to one team over the other. League wide votes will take too long to render a decision.


** Added 04-May-2009 **

Any trade that is agreed to when a player is injured will result as is, with the injury of that player carrying over. However, once a trade is agreed to, if any player is injured during the sim that a trade is processed, that injury will be erased.

Career Ending Injury (CEI) exemption rule:

** Added 04-May-2009 **
Any CEI that happens to a player before said players 34th birthday will be changed to a 365 day injury. Any CEI that happens on or after a players 34th birthday will stand as is. There are many ways we could have gone with this rule but we are keeping it simple.

Team Finances:

Their is no hard Salary Cap. We are using the Luxury Tax set at 125% of average payroll at a tax rate of 25%. This means that you will be taxed at the end of the season for ALL payroll expenses for the season that run more than 25% above the average team payroll at a rate of 25%.


For example, let's say the Pittsburgh Pirates end with total player expenses of $22 million for 1980 (at the end of the season) and the average team's player expenses ended the season at $14 million. This would mean that the Luxury Tax line would start at all payroll above $17.5 million (14 x 125% = 17.5)... So the taxable amount for Pittsburgh (everything above the lux tax line) would be $5.5 million (22 - 17.5 = 5.5)... and Pittsburgh would pay $1.375 million in luxury tax to the league (5.5 x 25% - 1.375).  THE Game engine will handle all of these calculations. If you notice the salaries are VERY low compared to the dollars you see players making and payrolls amounting to in 2009 dollars. AND each year the game engine will increase the player demands slightly as well as the media contracts and various revenue streams for the teams (ticket prices, merchandise sales).


The Cash Maximum will be 10 Million (for the 1980 season). Ticket prices are set by the Human GM and can be adjusted at will. The average ticket price in 1980 is set at $6.75. We are NOT using the Owner Budget system in the OOTP 10 engine. This means that you ahve access to all of your cash reserves to go over your current projected revenue. The more cash you have saved up, the more ability you have to run your team payroll projected revenue.


Teams that run their cash in the red for more the one season consecutively OR who's finances are questionable will be given an opportunity to resolve the situation. GMs who continually fail to keep their team out of the red will eventually be handed the door and another GM will be given the opportunity to right the ship. Let's never need to go this far, huh? Be responsible with your teams finances.

Player Contracts:

Managing player contracts are an important part of being a General Manager. Read this section carefully.

At anytime during the calender year in the league file, a player may be offered a contract extension. Please note that between the end of the playoffs and the beginning of the winter meetings, players who qualify to become free agents and who have not agreed to a contract extension, will enter free agency. Once a player is a free agent, it's too late to offer a contract extension.

Free Agents may be offered contracts at any time during the calender year ACCEPT from the last day of the regular season until the first day of the winter meetings. ANY Free Agent Player that agrees to a contract offer after the last day of the regular season until the first day of the winter meetings will be immediately released upon the discovery of said contract.

IN addition... EVERY contract (whether via free agency OR contract extension) must abide by these rules:

  1. Option Years: A player may only be offered an option year that is no greater than 20% more than the highest guaranteed year of the contract offer AND must be no more than $3,000,000 more than the highest guranteed year of the contract offer (which ever is lower).
  2. Contract Bonuses: An individual bonus offered to a player may not total more than 15% of the highest guaranteed yearly salary in the contract. Multiple bonuses may be offered as long as each individual bonus stays under the 15% maximum. Minimum Innings Bonus AND Minimum Plate Appearance bonus must not exceed 110% of the most by that player during any single regular season in their professional career.

In addition to the above player contract rules, ALL contracts are subject to reasonable review by the BoG. Any contract that is deemed to break the rules OR are deemed, by BoG vote, to be against the fair play spirit of the league... will be voided and the contract will be wiped from the league file. If it was a FA contract offer, the player will re-enter the market. IF the same player is offered a second contract deemed illegal or failed to pass a vote under BoG scrutiny with in a one year time frame, the contract will be wiped and the manager will be replaced. I (Jamey) have seen a relief pitcher with a 3 in Endurance given a IP bonus of $1,000,000 if the player reached 250 innings in a season, knowing full well the player NEVER had a chance to reach 250 innings in a season, ever. This kind of bonus offer spits in the face of reason and fair play, whether knowingly or not. It's an abuse of the OOTP 10 engine and will not be tolerated. Please keep your contract offers reasonable and decent. Don't use the failures of the OOTP 10 contract AI to your advantage. I (Jamey) hope we NEVER have to use a BoG vote to void a contract. Keep it reasonable.

Fair Play:

In general any Team GM who is caught cheating by any means will be removed from the league. That includes tanking to improve your draft position. Trading away talent as to improve another team while gutting the team you are running. Financial irresponsibility; destroying your teams finances. While all of these items are subjective they will be brought up before the Board of Governors for investigation and determination. Removing an owner should be the last resort. In 18 previous seasons the BCBL (CDBL) has removed a GM for violation of fair play once. Don't be the second one.


If a owner misses three sims in a row without notice the Commissioner will contact that owners League President to attempt communication. One attempt will be made and if no acceptable excuse is forth coming, the Commissioner has the right and free will to replace the owner. ALSO note that the first sim is just as important as any three consecutive sims during the year. A team that misses the first sim must have a valid excuse, since the first sim requires much more roster setup/management. Are you out of contention in July? Keeping exporting through the last sim, even if it means nothing but loading up the league file, going to the team setup screen, and pressing the "Export to FTP" button. By doing this, you are at least showing the rest of the league that you are still at the helm. And each export is worth at minimum an extra $100,000 in your team bank account (see "Bonus Money" section).

Bonus Money:

Each team will get a bonus (added to cash prior to the last sim of the WS) based on export FTP attendance per the table below:

  Each export submitted on time: $ 10,000
  Bonus for missing only 2 exports: $ 50,000
  Bonus for missing only 1 or no exports: $ 100,000
Team Relocation:

At this time, team relocation in the BCBL is not allowed.

Ballpark Modifications:

GMs may increase the capacity of their stadium, up to a maximum of 60,000 seats. The cost of expansion is $1.5m/1,000 seats plus a $1.5m construction charge. For example, 5,000 extra seats will cost $9m.


The ballpark factors may also be altered. These control whether a given ballpark tends to give more or less doubles, triples, HR vs. LHB, or HR vs. RHB as well as batting averages (overall hits) by LHB and RHB. A completely average number is 1.000.

  1. For each number moved further from average, it will cost $500,000 per 100th of a point. For example, moving AVG RHB from 1.50 to 1.65 would be 15 one-hundredths and will cost $7,500,000 in cash (500k x 15).
  2. For each number moved closer to average, it will cost $250,000 per 100th of a point. For example, moving HR LHB from 1.26 to 1.15 would be 11 one-hundredths and will cost $2,750,000 in cash (250k x 11).

All Ballpark Modifications most be posted on the Ballpark and Team Enhancements section of the forum between January 1st of any season and February 15th. The enhancement will then be looked over by the BoG and confirmed during the month of March in the season. If the BoG approves someone will post as such and then lock the thread. The changes to the ballpark will be entered in the last sim of Spring Training and the cash will be withdrawn for that teams cash balance. No team may spend more cash on ballpark modifications than they have available at the time of process. ALL trades that include cash by a GM may not lower the balance of cash LOWER than a BoG confirmed Ballpark Modification. IF a trade does lower a teams balance so that they can not pay for a previously BoG confirmed Ballpark Modification, the trade will be voided.

New Ballparks:

At this time, the BCBL is not accepting new ballpark requests.

Marketing Campaigns:

The idea behind marketing campaigns is that GM can pay to improve the Fan Interest and even Fan Loyalty rating of their teams. Teams that are already rather successful will not be allowed to participate in marketing campaigns. The idea is to allow the low market teams to use cash to improve the revenue generating power of marketing to boost their team. At this time, the BCBL is not accepting marketing campaign requests. This will change at some point in the future. When allowed, full rules will be posted here.

League Settings (in OOTP 10 Engine):

Anything that is RED in this table denotes a change from the previous season (see revision information @ the bottom of this page):

  Coaches/Scouts: Disabled Player Suspensions: Enabled
  Player Drug-Suspensions: Disabled Player Injuries: Enabled
  Injury Frequency: Low Position Player Fatigue: Average
  Computer Trades: Disabled Trading Frequency: Normal
  All Ratings Scales: 1 to 10 Show Rating > Max: Yes
  Top Prospect List: Dynamic Ghost Players: Enabled
  Player Development: Enabled Roster Size: 25 (40 when expanded)
  Player Personalities: Enabled Player Morale System: Enabled
  DH: AL - Yes -- NL - No Rule 5 Draft: Disabled
  Minor League Option Years: Enabled Amateur Draft: 15 rounds
  Trading of Draft Picks: Disabled Average Ticket Price: $6.75
  Average Attendance: 18,500 Visiting Teams Gate Share: 20%
  Allow FA from other league: Enabled Minimum Service Years for Free Agency: 6
  Allow FA to leave league: Disabled Cash Maximum: $10,000,000
  Draft Pick Compensation for lost FA: Enabled Service Years for Minor League FA: 6+
  Service Years for Arbitration: 3+ (super arby used) Media Contract Fixed: No (can change over time)
  Average Media Contract: $7,437,000 Revenue Sharing: Luxury Tax
  Soft Cap (of average payroll): 125% Tax above Soft Cap: 25%
  Minimum/Poor Player Salary: $86,765 Fair Quality Player Salary: $113,635
  Below Average Quality Player Salary: $147,631 Average Quality Player Salary: $230,956
  Above Average Quality Player Salary: $812,523 Good Quality Player Salary: $1,033,416
  Star Quality Player Salary: $1,505,835 Super Star Quality Player Salary: $1,899,188
  Spring Training: Enabled All-Star Game: Enabled
  Play-Off Mode: Division winners + wildcards Play-Off Structure: Best of Seven for all rounds
  Use of Relievers: Often Use of Closers: Very Often
  Pitcher Stamina: Normal Typical Starting Rotation: 5 Man
  Pinch Hit for Pitchers: Often Pinch Hit for Position Players: Rarely
  Defensive Substitutions: Normal Stealing Bases: Normal
  Hit & Run: Normal Bunting: Normal