Time to vote for the 1980 All-Stars!

The all-star ballots are available in StatsLab. You have one week (until FRIDAY, March 5, 2010) to get your ballots filled out and turned in. Read directions HERE on how to use the StatsLab ballot. There is a last very important step in which you come to a confirmation screen and you must press a botton at the bottom that saves save or something to that effect. If you close your browser window or click to go to a different page without pressing this button, your ballot will NOT take.

The all-star ballots have been sent to the presses and are being printed as you read this. They will be distributed in all 26 BCHBL major league ballparks for voting on by the fans. Look for them in the next few days as you make your way to your seats. As any good Pres. Jimmy Carter supporter would tell you: Vote Early, and Vote Often.